Featured Image for Bacon and Eggs flavoured Roe

Bacon and Eggs flavoured Roe

It’s breakfast time! Ready to sit down to a plate of satisfying bacon and eggs flavoured Roe? Well, perhaps that’s what your palette can believe it’s doing when savoring California Cavier Company’s newest addition to their expanding line of infused caviar.

Using Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Bacon, the roe is wondrously speckled with fragrant bits of cured pork. It appears that the Cavier Company has an infused roe for almost every mood. Feel like drinking? Well, then there’s Bourbon or Sake Trout Roe. Feel like fine dining or Thai? Then there’s Truffle or Lemongrass Whitefish Roe. The only one missing? TV Dinner Roe. It’s bound to come one day.

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