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Violet Darkling rings

Surrounded by the enchanting air of a secluded island, Louisa Richwhite’s childhood initiated her passions for all things nocturnal and mystical. In later years, her childhood would become the muse for the evolution of her alter-ego, Violet Darkling, the maker of magical little wonders to adorn your wardrobe with a certain cryptic-chic panache.

Her first collection merges luxury and ethereal, each piece telling a ghost story or fairytale in a most elegant and witty way. I could not help but envision myself wrapped in a dark cashmere wrap, settling in for the night as the wind bustles outside, listening to the crackling fire next to me while drinking a glass of dry champagne accompanied with blackberries a good mystery book. And, of course, a Violet Darkling ring on my hand to perfectly set the tone.
Violet Darkling rings
Violet Darkling rings

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