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Alex Noriega

When I visited San Francisco a few years ago, in the middle of a film festival, on a beautiful morning when Spring was starting to dress us more colorfully and happy. I went to SFMoMA and saw an installation by the artist Ann Hamilton called Indigo Blue. Before going back to the cinema, I took a look into the gift shop. Near the books, I found glasses, author postcards, and a wallet that surprised me. It was part of the Poketo Collection, designed by Alex Noriega, an illustrator from Barcelona. Yesterday, I found his new project, Stuff No One Told Me, a blog with a collection of comics with funny and inspired sentences about our life. Alex Noriega told us more about his work.

In your previous works, we found a world of dreams. Between robots and animals flying in a soft atmosphere, your new work is projecting reality. Can you tell me more about this transition?
‘It isn’t something that I want to change forever. I still enjoy painting about nothing in particular. Stuff No One Told Me is just a new project I started that happens to be about reality and and what happens to people on a day to day basis. Although it has some sort of philosophical view of things. I try to keep it as relevant to my life and interests as possible. So whatever I upload is important to me in that time of my life as well, and I guess people can tell. It’s funny how each person understand the comics differently’.

What’s coming after this project?
‘I don´t really know what’s going to come next. But if things come out as I want, I will be publishing illustrated books — for adults and children — for the rest of my life’.

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