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Luca Ionescu: Sydney-based designer

He’s the founder of the infamous pre-Monster Children design magazine from Australia, Refill Mag, in its first few years easily the best creative culture journal around. Through Refill Magazine and its companion creative conference RPRSNT, Luca Ionescu brought together some of the most influential and eclectic creatives in the the world, including Pablo Ferro, Mr Cartoon, and A-Ron the Don.

The magazine and conference were not enough to contain his fascination with today’s creative thought-leaders, and so smaller projects including collaborations and art exhibitions emerged from Luca’s Sydney-based Like Minded Studio, all in the name of creative community and mutual inspiration. His innate knowledge of contemporary art, design, typography, illustration, motion graphics, and media is the product of Luca’s own creative evolution as a fan and peer of the artists he features.

You see Luca, is an artist, too, of the most eclectic kind, or should I say “type.” Luca Ionescu is a digital graffiti writer, a manipulator of common letterforms and an innovator of the art movement we know as Typography. His is the kind of work admired by niche artists including sign painters and title sequence animators. As a contemporary of the creatives he follows and admires, Luca’s beautiful commercial print and motion works graces top product and media brands including MTV, Nike, RVCA, and Tiger Beer. His personal experimentations in letterform have graced many galleries around the world, are manifested in exclusive product collections at Artsprojekt , and featured in a new collaboration with Adobe for its release of Creative Suite 5.

Luca Ionescu is a seasoned leader of the contemporary design world, creating typographic and illustrative compositions at once deserving of admiring gaze and detailed scrutiny,

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