by The Urban Grocer in New Food and Packaging on Thursday 10 June 2010

Sweet and savory, spicy and salty. Not the flavors you’d immediately think of for your typical brittle. But then again, Morning Glory Confections is no ordinary sweet. By hand, owner, artist, and private chef Max Lesser rolls out high-quality, natural ingredients — sustainable and local too, where possible — into tasty reinventions of the classic brittle.

There’s Chai tea and cashew, Indian curry and pistachio, Cocoa nib, coffee bean, and pecan, and my personal favorite, peanut and Fleur de Sel. Not too hard, or chewy, the texture bites a bit like ice — crunchy at first, only to melt away quickly leaving bold flavors dancing around your mouth. The balance of texture, taste, and not-too-shabby packaging are enough to make your own morning glorious.