Die Antwoord

Die Antwoord is to your eyes and ears what a rusted nail is to a bare foot — once the initial pain and panic subsides and the tetanus shot administered. Well, maybe not like a rusted nail. Actually, I’m not really sure what they’re like. Immediately after viewing the video clip for their song Ninja, I cleaned my face and called a South African friend.

‘So, this Die Antwoord …’ I asked with interest. ‘Oh yes, aren’t they wonderful! Have you seen the interview where Yo-Landi has a mouse on her shoulder?’, she squealed with delight. ‘Errr, no’, I answered and quickly hung up. Die Antwoord walk a very blurred line between reality and LSD induced comas. They recently played to a packed audience on their first Coachella festival. Maybe we’re the ones in an LSD coma? In what other mental state can Justin Bieber be a worldwide phenomenon? Big up Die Antwoord.

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