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Dappled Cities interview

After their number one AIR debut and ARIA nomination for their most recent album, Zounds, we thought we should check in with Australian band, Dappled Cities, to get the inside word on their Winter tour and their well-received album.
You’re back in Australia for your winter tour in June, how will it feel to be playing to familiar fans again?
‘We’re mega thrilled to have a tour upcoming. We have some rad new material and will be playing them across the tour. And it’ll feel good to try out our old material in new ways’.
What were the influences or themes behind the new album?
‘I guess we were exploring different ideas of connectedness between people. You know — people across cultures, eras and personal relationships, but masked in a more equivocal stance. But we always go far and wide with our ideas, so that’s just the start’.
Your music has been described as art rock. Do you think your sound fits into this category?
‘Well I wouldn’t say we think of ourselves as artists. We have too much fun for that kind of serious moniker. But we are inspired by a sense of experimentation and boundary pushing, so I guess in that sense we’re more “art rock” than your average pub band playing for free beer and DVDs’.

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