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Madrid’s Talk!

With talent beyond their years and humility to grasp their weight of their predecessors, Madrid’s Talk! have earned their salt as being the only active Hammond trio of young musicians in the city. While replacing the bass with an organ is nothing new, what sets Talk! apart is not innovation, but the unharnessed ferocity with which they pay ode to the beastly Hammond organ.

Talk! surges with the rhythm, precision, and pathos that gave life to 60’s jazz, stoking the coals that ignited organ giants like Jimmy Smith, Jimmy McGrift, Jack McDuff, and Richard “Groove” Holmes. Their sound is dark and smoky, punctuated by fevered solos that send the crowd reeling. Talk! is Jon Sande on organ, Lucas Vázquez on guitar, and Beny Grooves on drums. In late April the boys will release their lauded first single-a 45 recorded completely on analogue by Spanish producer Carlo Coupé on the label Lontano Records.

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