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As most of us are re-evaluating our relationship to food in a post-industrial world, we often cycle through various diets and approaches to eating that make us feel good both physically and morally. But the more many of us learn, the more we understand that eating is no simple issue, and as much as we’d like an over-arching resolution to our evolutionary, intellectual, spiritual, and moral paradoxes when it comes to what we put in our stomachs, simply adopting a lifestyle such as veganism isn’t always sufficient or even healthy.

It’s encouraging that so many people are questioning their ways of living, but this process of self-evaluation should be a lifelong one, and anyone who claims to have all the answers, or even some of the answers, is most likely deluding themselves. This is why I’ve been captivated by ex-vegan Rhys Southan’s blog, Let Them Eat Meat, on which he dismantles the very beliefs he held for nine years. Sure, his tone is generally snarky, but underlying the sarcasm and the vegan-baiting are some serious and interesting meditations on the self-deceptions that lead to moral certainty.

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