Who Loves The Sun: a Canadian movie

I really like Canadians, well the Canadians in this film — Who Loves The Sun — anyway. I don’t know if most Canadians are like this, but these characters are going through a fair bit of turmoil, however, they handle it with enough entertaining reserve to make for great viewing. It’s all done with a lightness and sense of humour that doesn’t detract from the gravity of the issues, but somehow adds complexity and depth.

This clever and tight script is full of great lines, neat twists and astute observations on human nature, and is also very well acted. A son, his best friend and the wife he hasn’t seen for years are all reunited on an idyllic lakeside property, owned by the son’s parents who act as sort of referees to the whole shenanigans. This isn’t quite a romantic comedy, but it’s close enough to destroy most of the American crap in the cinemas for intelligence, wit and subtlety.

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