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The Kissaway Trail

The Kissaway Trail have a new album entitled Sleep Mountain due for release on April 20, via Bella Union. Sleep Mountain adds in dabs of electronica to the breadth of guitars for a contemporary and vulnerable rock classic. We asked them about the music that inspired the recording. They started with the Joanna Newsom song, Peach, Plum, Pear [listen below]: ‘A really good song from a great debut album, made by one of the best female artists ever’.


Blonde Redhead / Swingpool
Mmissery Is A Butterfly” is one of The Best records in twenty years. But Swingpool, from their self-titled debut album, is a mix of Sonic Youth and their dreamy sound they are now famous for.

Psyched Up Janis / Strange Pier
The lead-singer from The Raveonettes’ old band. A soundtrack from my teenage period.

Daniel Johnston / Mountain Top
I saw Daniel Johnston in Austin once and it felt like seeing Elvis in action.

Smashing Pumpkins / Tonight, Tonight
Another song from my teenage years. I remember walking around in my hometown Nyborg, with my Walkman, turning the tape every 30 minutes.

Mark Knopfler / Cal The Soundtrack
This is a record my father listened to a lot while I grew up, and maybe that’s why I’m walking around with a dark cloud over my head. It’s a really sad, but beautiful soundtrack.

The Streets / Weak Becomes Heroes
This is the best beat/hip-hop track ever made. Sorry, Beastie Boys.

Mogwai / Take Me Somewhere Nice
David Friedmann recorded and produced this song. Soren from our band was inspired a lot by this while making Sleep Mountain.

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