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El Dorado, Massachusetts

If your quest for the perfect Mexican pit-stop seems like seeking the lost city of gold, then you’ll feel like a proud explorer when you discover Dorado Tacos and Cemitas in Brookline, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston.

In this festive eatery, Chef Doug Organ’s fantastic fish tacos are heavy hitters. These palm-sized delicacies feature improbably fresh-tasting fish nestled on a bed of crispy green cabbage wrapped in a warm and flavorful corn tortilla. Try the namesake, a spicy dorado taco, battered, lightly fried, and topped with a pico-style salsa, chipotle crema and cheerful, peppery radish slices.

The cemitas — a Poblano street food sandwich — are a hit: spicy and saturated with layers of black beans, creamy avocado, feisty cilantro, chewy Oaxaca cheese, and your choice of chorizo, marinated steak, chicken, or portabella on a soft, egg-washed roll. Wet your whistle with a fruity agua de jamaica (hibiscus-ade) or an HFCS-free South American Coca-Cola (featuring actual sugar!).

With lively sides like charred jalapenos, vegetarian rice and black beans, and sweet-and-spicy Mexican-style pickles, no one – herbivore or carnivore – leaves hungry.

Just to seal the deal, Dorado features compostable packaging, low-flow water systems, and energy efficient lighting. Unlike that jive turkey Pizarro, you can walk away with a clean conscience.

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