by Gerry Mak in Video on Wednesday 10 March 2010

Teeth Mountain’s Kate Levitt and Andrew Burt along with Jonathan Coward aka Shams and Brian Blomerth aka Narwhalz perpetrated a silly publicity stunt by appearing on Judge Judy with a fake case about Coward killing Levitt’s cat by throwing a TV.

The entire segment was so obviously staged (and hilarious — Blomerth calls Judge Judy “mama” at one point) that it’s baffling that so many people around the internet have taken it at face value. Still more baffling is the vitriol they inspired from hipster-hating Judge Judy fans. This further cements my opinion that no one really knows what a hipster is, and those who hate hipsters the most are either hipsters themselves or depressed office workers who deep down inside envy musicians and artists. The only unfortunate thing about all this is that I think it distracts from the quality of the music — Teeth Mountain is made up of some of the best musicians I know, and there’s nothing silly or ironic about their music.