by The Urban Grocer in New Food and Packaging on Thursday 11 February 2010

Nothing says I Love You like a bottle of wine with your face on it. At least that’s what the clever kids of Australia’s The Creative Method believe. And so was born the idea of BYO: Build Your Own Label with your face on it, that is. Originally conceived as a unique gift for this creative design agency’s clients, BYO has been turning a lot of heads — or faces, as it were.

The Creative Method searched for something that would reflect their staff, their ingenuity, and their playfulness as a substitute to tiresome flyers and other predictable thank yous during the holiday season. Thus came these build your own wine labels, where each staff had their own bottle to represent them. And despite being slightly spooky to some, this fresh look at wine labeling and gift-giving has been the talk of the town ever since.