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I hadn’t heard of Skelator until the name was excitedly murmured amongst metal-heads in Seattle a couple of weeks ago. I’m new in town, so was dutifully checking out the local metal scene, and the Galway Arms was rammed with leather and spikes. There was a decidedly medieval theme, and I spotted at least one real sword.

It felt like a DragonForce show, and chatting to a few punters I was promised something amazing. As Skelator hit the opening riff, my DragonForce hopes were cast aside and I was looking at a frontman who must admire Dio. Actually he must worship Dio. It was like watching Dio flanked by progressive thrash musicians. And damn were those skins being hit. The standout for me was misplaced drummer Patrick Scick; the only guy in the room (aside from me) who didn’t fit the leather-and-spikes took the talent prize in my book. Apart from that, a fairly typical show, complete with a reliable Angel of Death cover.

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