Featured Image for Robyn’s remix of El Perro del Mar’s Change of Heart

Robyn’s remix of El Perro del Mar’s Change of Heart

Swedish pop star Robyn has done her first ever remix for another artist: El Perro del Mar’s Change of Heart. The original single was taken from El Perro Del Mar’s album, Love Is Not Pop, of which she says: ‘Shortly after having finished touring with my second album From the Valley to the Stars, I started writing new songs. For some reason all the songs were about love, and in particular, that of the doomed kind. I’d spent some bad times in New York and some good times in Paris and both these cities have made a great imprint on this album and my current outlook on love. I’ve decided to call it Love Is Not Pop — the songs on the album are all pop songs and they are all about love. But naturally, it is not all as simple as that. As much as pop can be love and vice versa, I’d like to believe that love goes so much deeper than a pop song’. [Read a Secret Playlist by El Perro del Mar]

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