Featured Image for Evisu: Spring/Summer 2010

Evisu: Spring/Summer 2010

Most people would frown when the word Evisu comes out of someone’s mouth. Having built a brand in Japan on the back of quality production, Evisu in recent years has been pretty far off the mark. With over embellishments and the the excessive printing of their distinctive logo — the Kamone (seagull) — pretty much everywhere and anywhere on the jeans. Things are about to change down in Evisu world with the recent appointment of proven world class denim designer Scott Morrison and his loyal fellow denim head crew.

One of his employees is Miguel Angel Hurtado, who first stared working under Morrison’s guidance when he started little known denim brand, Paper Denim & Cloth ten years ago. Hurtado was thrown the Spring-Summer 2010 collection and told to shoot it with a product focus that would suit the new direction the company was taking. So with the newly washed jeans and the heavily reduced branding Hurtado took a photographer and a friend down to the Williamsburg Bridge in New York and told his friend to just walk around so he could get some shots of him. No posing, no crew, no budget, just a quality made product been taken back to its core, stripped bare and given a new life. People be sure you keep your eyes out for Evisu in 2010. Its going to be big!

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