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Sandy Paws dog grooming

Under the motto ‘anything safe for humans is safe for your dog. If you would not use if on yourself, don’t use it on your dog’, Sandy Paws seems to be the champion of dog grooming. Using semi-permanent color, blro-pens, spray chalks, Henna, food colorings and special adhesives to stick the extra elements, her site Pink Coyote shows the extraordinary skills with which she embellish the pets.

Her Pet Grooming Shop is located in Yucca Valley, California, and offers a creative set of hairstyles, dyeing, and “hairpieces” for dogs. One of the most awarded styles is the one on her own poodle called Cindy. Her website also shows Cindy dressed up like a shark, like something out Space Odyssey, like a Punk, like a Dragon, like a Chicken, like a Ninja Turtle and also like a peacock with original feathers.
dog grooming
dog grooming