American eco-fashion visionaries

Pratt Manhattan Gallery, in a show guest curated by Francesca Granata (Parsons School for Design Lecturer) and Sarah Scaturro (adjunct instructor for Fashion Institute of Technology), takes a look at American eco-fashion visionaries — such as Alabama Chanin [above], Uluru, Loomstate, and others.

The goal of the showing, which begins on November 20, is to further push the use of fair labor and sustainable practices within the fashion industry. The main point of view revolves around ‘Reduce, Revalue, Rethink,’ all which culminate in a minimalist and sentimental garment that consumers are more apt to buy and wear long term.

INVITE: 6 Aussie artists will turn Sydney's aMBUSH Gallery into a giant canvas for a night!

We've assembled a group of talented young creatives and armed them each with a new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 or Microsoft Surface Book on which to create an original piece of art. The big reveal of these works will take place on December 10 at an immersive event at Sydney's aMBUSH Gallery. If you want to come along, let us know why here.