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Whoop Dee Doo this Halloween in Kansas City

Whoop Dee Doo is a performance art group based out of Kansas City, Missouri, and hosted by Jaimie Warren and Matt Roche, alongside fifteen or so other cast and crew members. They travel internationally to put on random shows that, visually at least, remind me of a G-Rated John Waters movie. The idea of Whoop Dee Doo shows is based upon kid-friendly faux public access TV programs (they are filmed but don’t actually air) that appear highly entertaining for adults as well. Last year, they performed at Deitch Projects’ holiday party, amongst other places.

Every show is totally original and the props and the set designs are made on location, sometimes the night before a show. Once the cast and crew land in a city, they scout weird and interesting local talent to weave into their act, along with contests such as the ‘Janet Jackson Nasty Boys Dirty Sock Contest’, game shows, and dance intermissions that require, guess what … yes, audience participation! If you’re in Kansas City this Halloween, be sure to check out their Halloween Spooktacular! Needless to say, come in full costume.
Whoop Dee Doo
Whoop Dee Doo
Whoop Dee Doo

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