Featured Image for Meatpacking Uncorked at NY Food and Wine Festival

Meatpacking Uncorked at NY Food and Wine Festival

When I found out I was going to have the opportunity to cover the Food & Wine Festival’s Meatpacking Uncorked event I was beside myself. Not really sure what to expect, I skipped lunch. I wanted to leave every square inch of gut vacant and ready to accommodate delicious food. Upon arrival, I was pleasantly surprised by the street fair slant of the event. I had expected to be corralled into a tight area, pressed shoulder to shoulder with other enthusiastic foodies, gasping for air between gulps of wine. Not at all.

We caroused the entire perimeter of the Meatpacking District, hopping from store to store sampling fantastic wine and food. Musicians and performers, some on stilts, one even with a flaming hula hoop, added to the street fair vibe. The highlights included Murray’s Barely Buzzed Cheese — a delicious cow’s milk concoction from Utah covered in ground coffee and lavender, insane Taquitos from Los Dados; and, of course, the butterscotch and whiskey Drunken Love cookies from Gansevoort 69. In the wine department, I was really impressed with a fantastic Malbec from Argento. Needless to say, after this event I just grabbed a cab back home only to flop into bed stuffed and happy.
meatpacking uncorked
meatpacking uncorked
meatpacking uncorked

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