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Ange Takats

I love the subtle acoustic finger-picking which weaves delicately into the wistful storytelling lyrics on the track, Brown Shoes, by Australian songwriter Ange Takats. In the tradition of local female-fronted acts such as Blanche DuBois and New Buffalo, Takats creates a sparse instrumental base, the repetitive guitar motif providing the perfect accompaniment to her elegant and timeless vocals. The artwork for her album — Aniseed Tea — on which this track appears is equally as impressive, the work of Brisbane artist, Danielle O’Brien.

Says Takats about O’Brien’s painting: ‘I’ve spent the past six months touring the album across Australia at various music festivals, including Woodford, and what I’ve noticed is that a large percentage of people who come to my festival gigs were initially enticed to the venue due to Danielle’s captivating artwork, which I featured on all my gig posters. This truly is a case of two up and coming artists supporting each other’s creative pursuits and it is working really well!’ [photo by Alain Bouvier]
Ange Takats
Ange Takats
Listen to her track, Brown Shoes.

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