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View of Courage NYC jumpsuit adventure

I ventured to New York City from my home base in Sydney for the very first time in August 2009. Armed with an electric guitar and a couple of unique jumpsuits designed by my creative studio, View of Courage Studios, I was ready for what the city had to offer. I played a couple of audio visual shows in Brooklyn, under my performer guise, Flutter Lyon, in Bushwick and Williamsburg, that were very well received. Then I felt the need to get these jumpsuits that I had designed, hand-printed and made in Sydney onto some of the new friends I had made during my time there. So I took the Brothers Barragan, Arto and Daniel, on a little adventure through the streets of Williamsburg one afternoon.

Not being official models, I had no idea what they would do in the suits. But they are two cool dudes and they owned the moment and had fun in the backstreets amongst the grit and graffiti. A couple of Daniel’s street tags even feature in a couple of the shots. Then, a couple of days later, I was hanging out with Marjorie Cox and skateboard magazine royalty Sally Vitello, daughter of Fausto Vitello, founder of Thrasher magazine, on the Lower East Side in Manhattan. We decided we should do another photographic project as we hung around the area together. So we did.

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