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Aesop Fragrance

We’ve been long time fans of Aesop, which is making quite a name for itself in the alternative beauty products space. So it was no surprise to hear they’ve entered the fragrance market. True to form, their new range of perfumes are distinctive, unorthodox and intense.

Their product descriptions are just as evocative as the products: ‘To make Marrakech, we let our thoughts drift across warm seas, to muse on a city draped in colours of the desert, where artisans sit on rugs hewn by hand, and lute music mixes with the smell of spices in hot wind.

‘Mystra was inspired by the Peloponnese hillside town’s history of conquest and struggle, a place once home to French knights, despots, and monks, as well as its extraordinarily beautiful setting’.

Whatever. They smell great and are lovely to wear.

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