by The Urban Grocer in New Food and Packaging on Wednesday 16 September 2009

Located on an unassuming side street in central Madrid, El Mollete is a simple restaurant serving knock-out local dishes. Sliced potatoes cooked in olive oil are topped with salty, smoky, fried eggs broken just before serving to release their oozing, deep yellow yolks.

Croquettes filled with creamy gorgonzola and silky pureed potatoes are beautifully crisp on their breaded outside and sublimely soft in the center. When paired with regional wines, these and other mouth-watering specialities are supremely satisfying, rich, and indulgent Madrileño eats. With space for only 26 diners, reservations are a must at this tiny spot, but it’s well worth planning ahead to experience this exceptional, off-the-beaten path joint. [photo via Jared Crebs]