Featured Image for Kyp Malone’s new album, Rain Machine

Kyp Malone’s new album, Rain Machine

I love Kyp Malone. I’d love him even if he weren’t guitarist and singer for one of the best bands out there, TV On The Radio. See, Kyp’s just a rock solid, totally unpretentious, good guy. He gives good hugs. Our kids play together and have sleepovers. I had mostly forgotten that Kyp was a rock star.

Living in Brooklyn, surrounded by such great music, it takes a lot for me to feel floored. But Kyp’s solo album Rain Machine does just that. The songs are much like Kyp — strong, and for the people. Yet there’s a couple of other things that set this album apart: the sheer power of the lyrics; and Kyp’s exceptionally emotional voice, which have the hairs on my arms standing and takes my breath away. Due to be released September 22 on Anti-Records, do yourself a favor and pick up this album. Bonus: Kyp’s album-art!

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