by Zolton in Video on Tuesday 18 August 2009

My wife often wonders why I rarely wear shorts, even in the stifling heat of a New York summer’s day. Well, as a musician for many years back in Australia, I learned the ‘no-short’ rule very quickly. That is, unless you’re a founding member of Silverchair, a guitar tech with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, or a part of the skater pop community, musicians should never, ever wear shorts. Much less Speedos. Much less red Speedos on a pasty white body. Given that this rather awesome song from Aussie group Eurogliders came out in 1985, guitarist Bernie Lynch has probably recovered from the experience of cavorting around a deserted island paradise looking like a bizarre Japanese lolly. But one wonders if he looks back on this film clip with a sense of awe, acute embarrassment, or both?