Featured Image for The Kimber Modern Hotel, Austin, Texas

The Kimber Modern Hotel, Austin, Texas

Whilst in Austin the other weekend, I spent a couple of nights at a beautifully designed hotel called the Kimber Modern, which is located in the happening SOCO area, just a short hop, skip and sideways roll to the bustling hive of restaurants and cafes along South Congress. The Kimber Modern is a hotel with a twist. First up, the architecture is stunning, this elegant and contemporary building with subtle splashes of color to break up the overall white-walled minimalism. And then there are the clever design touches, such as communal hammocks made from car belts, and a giant tank churning liters of water in a calming, almost Zen-like manner. [photos by Alison Zavos]

The other quirky but practical touch at the Kimber Modern is that there are no door keys. Woah! That’s right, no clunky door keys. Instead, guests choose a four digit password when making their booking and this gives them access to both the main building and the door to their room. As long as your memory is half-decent and hasn’t been clouded by the Sangria on tap at the local Tex Mex, this is a surprisingly efficient system. In the rooms themselves, cheerful colors mesh with the classic minimalism, while fun and vibrant artwork sits above the beds, acting as a gentle reminder that you really are deep amongst this cultural fermentation that is Austin, Texas.

Kimber Modern Bed and Breakfast
110 The Circle
Austin, TX 78704
Ph: (512) 912-1046

kimber modern hotel austin. Photo by Alison Zavos
kimber modern hotel austin. Photo by Alison Zavos
kimber modern hotel austin. Photo by Alison Zavos
kimber modern hotel austin. Photo by Alison Zavos

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