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Take a spin with The Ferrari Guy

The residents of Chicago have another option for all those special events. The famous Tony Taglia, aka The Ferrari Guy, offers a unique service: a one hour trip in his Ferrari decorated with 24k golden parts. The chauffeur? Tony himself. He says he’s the most photographed person after the American President. Perfect for birthdays celebrations, weddings, bachelor’s parties, banquets and special gifts, and all for only $300 an hour. The Ferrari Guy takes you on a real trip in his Ferrari Spyder Cabrio, with a horsepower of 495 and a speed of 211 miles per hour. Oh, and at the same time as he is driving, he can play with his vintage electric guitar. All the while wearing crocodile skin Texan boots, sunglasses and sporting a rockstar attitude. Quite a deal!
the ferrari guy
the ferrari guy

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