Philippe Starck’s new fashion line

Philippe Starck, the famous interior and furniture designer, is a mess of contradictions as of late. Famously stating that ‘Design is Dead’ and announcing his retirement from design, he went on to launch an eco line of mini wind turbines. Now Starck, who admittedly never left the design world, has made another faux-pax while incredulously stating in Florence at the launch of his new eco-conscious line that he ‘will never be idiotic enough to do fashion’. 

Indeed, the man who created the Louis ghost chair and has been the sole designer of many posh hotels, is doing fashion, whether it is a direct admission or not. Starck, who has partnered with Ballantyne — the luxury cashmere makers — has made the foray into non-fashion fashion with an impeccable line of tailored cloaks and jackets, all made, he claims, to stand the test of time. Each piece is made for modularity and minimalist needs, with hidden pockets and takeaway waistcoats. And while he continues to deny his involvement in the industry, fashion is more than willing to bring in the legendary designer into the fold.

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