by The Urban Grocer in New Food and Packaging on Tuesday 7 July 2009

Just when Brooklynites didn’t think they could get any more nonchalantly hip, Brooklyn Fare opened its doors. This local gourmet kitchen, café, market, and cooking school dynamo is a Brooklyn foodie’s dream. Gorgeous take-away meals are prepared in the kitchen making perfect lazy weekday dinner solutions; the café steams with cappuccinos and croissants; and there are enough enticing gourmet foodstuffs and specialty beers in the market to make Whole Foods jealous.

The only thing that may be fresher than their gourmet goodies is their stylish — not to mention hilarious — packaging. Mucca Design is the visionary behind the full-on identity concept from the custom typeface to the cheeky quotes branded across a spectrum of products. The stylish design and witty phrases are enough on their own to keep you coming back for more, but then again, so is their lasagna.