Featured Image for The Clayton Brothers at East and West Galleries

The Clayton Brothers at East and West Galleries

Rob and Christian Clayton hail from Pasadena, California, where, together, they create fascinating and somewhat nightmarish images portraying the ‘unique people, animals, and places that occupy the outskirts of the American psyche’. The sad-faced, tired-eyed characters that inhabit their bright, almost suffocatingly busy pieces seem bemused by, yet unarguably a part of, their hectic surroundings, while the rough honesty of their work reminds me of artists such as Frieda Kahlo and comic artist Lynda Barry. The Clayton Brothers have an exhibition called Jumbo Fruit coming up on July 18 and running until August 29, which will be held at the East and West Galleries in Santa Monica, California. If you’re in the area, I’d highly recommend dropping by and immersing yourself momentarily in their colourful chaos.

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