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Vladislav Delay’s Secret Playlist

Helsinki electronic producer Vladislav Delay has recorded for three of Europe’s most challenging labels: Chain Reaction, Mille Plateaux, and Max.Ernst. He grew up trained in jazz and still counts Philly Joe Jones — the drummer for the first Miles Davis Quintet — as one of his prime influences. His album Tummaa is out on The Leaf Label and features contributions from Craig Armstrong and Lucio Capece. We checked in with him to get a rundown on the sounds that inspired his latest recording: ‘Juan MacLean’s One Day is a strong and brave dance-pop. Not usually my cup of tea, but this track is quite interesting. I’ve also been listening to The Cool Kids’ Basement Party , a nice club groove, showing something new in the Hip Hop vein, which is always welcome’. Read the rest of Vladislav Delay’s Secret Playlist

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