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Manhattan’s Crif Dogs

I love Crif Dogs. I’m sure most of the locals in New York know about this awesome hot dog place, but for those new to the area, it’s a must see, do and eat. Deciding on what hot dog your belly desires is probably the most difficult thing to do here as there are many to choose, from the classic New Yorker to my all time favourite, Spicy Redneck: a house dog, bacon wrapped, with chilli, cole slaw, and jalapenos. You may need to get two hot dogs and a side of tatar tots to fill your stomach, as I was craving more. While I was waiting, I killed some time playing my favorite 80s arcade game, Galaga. Also, you may get invited into their secret bar, PDT. You need enter the phone booth to answer a secret password or just be let in by chance.

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