by The Urban Grocer in New Design on Monday 25 May 2009

There is a saying in Norway that there are two kings: the monarch king and the Noodle King, Mr. Lee. The creator of the noodle brand of the same name, Mr. Lee’s instant noodles are about as popular as the man himself. And it was for that reason that the international design firm, Design Bridge, worked to create an image for the brand that reflected the character of Mr. Lee, while also boasting its own uniqueness.

The result was a quite literal interpretation of the Noodle King, with his unquestionable wit, celebrated smile, and boldness. The grinning illustrations that adorn the noodle containers are a sort of caricature of Mr. Lee, yet they remain honest to the product and its founder. Countless design awards — and Norwegians — agree that whatever the history or motivation, it works.