Featured Image for Illionaire’s recessionista glam

Illionaire’s recessionista glam

It’s up to fashion to fly in the face of the convention of the world around us. In an era of downsizing, down-scaling and down-playing, the Illionaire parade at Australian Fashion Week protested that the only way is up. The mood was immediately set as the space transformed into a fibre optic light-show and the deep voice of Grace Jones purred from the speakers. In ironic anti-recession styling, 80s-excess influenced detailing featured in ruffled leather and hot-pants. (Leather pants in summer? A sign of climatic uncertainty in our global-warming world, I guess, where we have to be prepared for four seasons in one day). The standout? A gold jumpsuit, hands down, paves the fashion pavement for a new generation borrowing from their Mother’s Dynasty days. The show went off with a bang, literally, with a gold foil glitter drop from the ceiling exuding positivity and excess – even as models slipped and slided through the foil pieces during the finale circuit. Whether you’re a billionaire or a nillionaire, Illionaire put an approving fashion-forward grin on everyone’s faces with their SS 09/10 showcase.

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