Anjulie’s Boom

Directed by Adria Petty (Kings of Leon, Regina Spektor), the new video by Toronto R&B singer Anjulie is a ripper. The track, off her self-titled debut album, was created with her producers Colin Wolfe, who has worked with Dr. Dre, and longtime songwriting collaborator Jon Levine, keyboardist for funk-pop combo, The Philosopher Kings. We asked Anjulie to tell us how the song came to be: ‘Boom started with a conga loop that I found in a dingy studio in Toronto with my producer Jon on a wintery night in February, where we survived on nothing but raisins and pizza crust. I wrote it about someone I had a huge crush on and I wanted to express that moment when you hear their name or they walk into a room and your heart just drops into you chest. This record was all about creating that mood’.

‘The video concept by Adria Petty is an “Alice in Wonderland” vibe, where I fall into this magical world of lust and mystery. We shot it all in her backyard and it was one of the best days of my life because I felt like a goth fairy warrior princess with super powers’.

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