Featured Image for Five vinyl toys that should be in your collection

Five vinyl toys that should be in your collection

Vinyl Toys are fun. In fact, they actually get more fun and collectible the older you get, an excusable way to relive those toy collection hobbies of our misspent childhoods. But where to start? Here are five Vinyl Toys that we think should feature prominently in your collections: The Nathan Jurevicius Vinyl Toys are original little creations from Melbourne that are proving immensely popular. We especially like the eyes on his creations. This Glow in the Dark Vinyl Toy below is called the Kaiju TriPus and looks amazing. Oh, and it glows in the dark, too. Go figure!

Attack of the Thundermutts!
From Thunderdog come these crazy little creatures.

The Bunny Breakthrough
It’s not a bunny, it’s an astrolapin, whatever the hell that is. I want one. Do you want one? I do. I said that, didn’t I? Can you please buy me one?

Evil Apes
Don’t they look cute? Who’d think they’re evil! Toy2R have a whole lot of other similarly freaky, scary, cute collections as well. Check them out.

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