Featured Image for Nana Judy unleash the next Cult To Be tee

Nana Judy unleash the next Cult To Be tee

It’s quite disturbing at the New Generation at Australian Fashion Week show as the designer comes out to take their final bow and more often than not looks younger than the fresh-faced models. The presentation of the new kids on the block is always packed to the rafters with fashionistas on the pilgrimage to find ‘the one to watch’. Pretty soon they could be mega-brands, and everyone wants the kudos of saying: ‘I remember being at their first show’. We’re still talking about Ksubi’s (then Tsubi) infamous debut onto the scene in which live rats were released onto the catwalk (yes, PETA was not impressed).

Their t shirt design, Royal, Hedonism and The Streets, from that first collection, became an overnight must-have-item and originals still cause the occasional bidding-war on ebay. Our pick for this year’s cult-t-shirt-to-be? The fanciful singlet slogan of the season from boutique men’s label, Nana Judy: We’re not in Wonderland anymore Alice. Catch one before they all disappear down the rabbit-hole. [photo by Six 6 Photography]

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