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A4 activism

So simple, yet surprisingly effective, a black and white printed poster strapped to a telegraph poll still has the power to entertain, offend and inform. Especially when they deviate from the usual moving sales, lose-ten-pounds-in-four-weeks and public hunts for housemates. A single A4 sheet precariously stuck to a pole caught my eye, a public declaration of love to no one in particular, complete with tear off reminders. It was simple and sweet, especially appreciated during a time where recession, financial crisis and impending doom are mentioned so frequently.

The print-on-demand Tights Are Not Pants posters are quite a different story. Having emerged as a subject of contention in Nylon last year, the Tights Vs Pants debate has reached new heights. Perennial tights wearer Lindsay Lohan is often to blame, and suddenly women of the world are being urged to reconsider their beloved leggings as everyday outerwear. You can even choose from the direct ‘TIGHTS ARE NOT PANTS’ posters to the slightly more aggressive ‘tell you douche friends: TIGHTS ARE NOT PANTS’.

No photoshop skills required. This kind of activism is paper and pen friendly.

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