by The Urban Grocer in New Food and Packaging on Tuesday 17 March 2009

Sprinkles Cupcakes are hardly a secret — and with good reason. Uncomplicated, delectable, and pure, Sprinkles tempts even health-obsessed Los Angelinos to wait on long lines for the tiny treats. Whipped up from scratch throughout the day using only the best natural ingredients, these desserts are seriously delicious. Whether you go for simple dark chocolate or strawberry, or experiment with a chai latte or lemon coconut, Sprinkles exceeds any expectations one might have for a cupcake. And now on until tomorrow, check out their ode to St. Patrick’s Day. If the red velvet cakes colored green are not your thing, try the Irish Chocolate — dark Belgian chocolate cake topped with Bailey’s Irish cream cheese frosting. Creamy icing delivers sweet, intense flavor softened by cool, moist, subtle cake. Matched with cold milk or hot tea, don’t be surprised if you fall off your chair — or stool as it were. The flagship Beverly Hills boutique is a simple, pure space, flooded with natural light and accented by touches of playfulness. Designed by architect Andrea Lenardin, the shop is intended to reflect Sprinkles philosophy of clean, uncomplicated products.