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Bryan Berg, the Card Stacker

I once went to a Williamsburg party at which world renowed Card Stacker, Bryan Berg, was also in attendance. I’d been told beforehand about his ability to construct large scale models of cityscapes out of cards: using no glue, no outside support, and no trickery. His work is phenomenal, utilising his architectural and engineering background to shape realistic interpretations of some of the modern world’s most icnonic structures. So, of course, knowing this, I discreetly placed a deck of cards in his direction at various points of the evening in the hope that he might whip up a quick model of the Williamsburg Bridge. He politely ignored them and then left abruptly without a farewell. Meanwhile, the rest of us spent the embers of the night playing numerous games of 52 Pick-Up. Hot damn, that was fun!
card stacker

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