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Sydney graffiti artist, Emily Hasselhoo

I love the work of Sydney graffiti and stencil artist Emily Hasselhoof. Bold, bright and bizarre, her images are like the dreams of a serial tripper. Evil little girls dressed in fluorescent garb commit unspeakable acts while green rabbits are devoured by sharks and odd little ponies masquerade as equine medusas. Hasselhoof regularly exhibits around town. I caught her show at Ruban Rat in Newtown last year where I was blown away by her fantastic use of colour. Newtown and surrounds are also the home of her permanently exhibited works, which grace the walls of buildings such as the RSL and the famously graffitied May Lane in St Peters. Though they transgress vandalism laws, calling Hasselhoof’s work ‘vandalism’ is a transgression in itself. These amazing artworks should be allowed to take over the city; to populate grey and mundane urban spaces with their colourful, beautiful weirdness.
emily hasselhoof
emily hasselhoof

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