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Fun, fun, Tristan Eaton writes for us

Uber-designer and all round creative juggernaut, Tristan Eaton, the head body at Thunderdog Studios, is the latest guest contributor to Lost At E Minor, giving props to some of his favorite artists, designers, fashionistas and … gulp … breakfast haunts. Eaton hand picked elements from graffiti, skateboarding, comic books, and hip-hop as the building blocks for his illustration career, which eventually got him noticed in 1996 by the then-fledgling Kidrobot to help steer the company’s vision and image, designing the Kidrobot logo, character, and signature Dunny toy. In 2003, Eaton struck out on his own with the Brooklyn-based Thunderdog Studios, a multimedia enterprise that encompasses toys, design, and consulting. Check out his posts on the site over the next couple of weeks.

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