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Josh Cochran

Josh Cochran’s illustrated world is full of hard-edged shapes, coarse textures and clashing colors that somehow seem to fall into place. Just. We asked him in what ways his illustration style has evolved over the years: ‘My style really came from a general frustration I had towards painting while I was in school. I started drawing early on and have always felt fairly comfortable about it. Teachers at Art Center would constantly encourage me to make my work look more like my sketchbooks, which got me thinking of ways to produce finished looking artwork, using a more linear style. I took a printmaking class fairly late in my education, which really changed everything for me. Silkscreen and flat color provided a much needed contrast to my obsessive line work’.

‘I wasn’t confused by having an infinite amount of colors, and had to make the best out of three or four colors. I started looking at older printing techniques found in turn of the century children’s books and cheap reproduction materials like propaganda leaflets and posters. My family has been a big influence as well. My Grandmother is an accomplished Chinese watercolorist and calligrapher, and my Mom’s been working in graphic design since the early nineties. I have to also put this in: my wife Jenny has a crazy critical eye, with way better taste, and is a major influence on what I put into my portfolio’.
josh cochran
josh cochran
josh cochran

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