Bustin’ Down The Door

Much more than just another surf movie, this is the previously untold story of surfing. Before four Australians and two South Africans arrived in Hawaii with the goal of starting a world surfing circuit, surfing was simply a hobby. These six had the idea of making it a full time profession and since surfing is now a multi-billion dollar industry, it is safe to say they succeeded. While they revolutionised the sport with new equipment, moves, style and an enthusiasm that bordered on lunacy, not everyone was happy with the exposure.

As the profile of the sport was exploding, the Hawaiians were not entirely taken with the brashness of the new breed that resulted in death threats and physical beatings. Using documentary footage along with interviews with many of the main players and some present day surfers this documentary combines some amazing footage with a well-told story narrated by Edward Norton. The scenery and waves make for amazing scenery, and anecdotes of how little money the first professional surfers survived on illustrate just how hard they had to fight for the sport. Currently the film is touring around the world.

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