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Cornwell’s Museum of Witchcraft

Cornwall, England is considered a great weekend getaway for the over-worked under-played Londonite. So much to do! Hiking, horseback riding, castle touring, country pubbing, garden tours and my favourite, surfing! For those of you who find these past-times a bit prosaic and cliched, this little Cornish beach town is also home to the Museum of Witchcraft where the Richel Collection is on exhibit, the world’s best collection of ritual and sex magic artifacts. Dutch collector Bob Richel inherited the collection from his father-in-law, Mr Eldermans, who had been a Magister of the Ars Amatoria, a group using sex magic. Now, there is a dowry I’ve yet to hear of! It gives a whole new meaning to the The Red Hot Chili Peppers song Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic.

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