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Sydney Festival 2009

As a former Sydneysider, I’m pretty excited about the lineup of acts that are heading to my hometown for the Sydney Festival 2009, an annual event which runs between January 10-31 and showcases a program of exceptional theatre, dance, music and film. The 2009 Festival is marked by a strong program of theatre, with a number of free events on the program, and a number of artists making their Sydney debuts. In keeping with Festival tradition, there will be a wide-range of $25 tickets available for interested pundits, alongside the Tix for Next to Nix program. Oh, and an inside tip: from past experience, the crowning glory of what is always an enjoyable and stimulating couple of weeks [as the photo above from last year’s festival suggests], has to be the concerts in The Domain, where you can sit back and take in some tunes amidst the surreal surrounds of Sydney’s inner-city greenery. Check out the Sydney Festival 2009 website for more information about events and tickets.
sydney festival 2009

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