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The Atlanta Hotel, Bangkok

The Atlanta has the kind of charm and character most tourists wouldn’t expect to find amidst the rambling chaos of modern Bangkok. In contrast with the debauchery of the nearby sex district, this secluded 1950s hotel harks back to more civilised times. As you sip your icy tropical libation at the check-in desk, the quiet grandeur of the art-deco-style foyer takes precedence over your fleeting obsession with passports and heatstroke. Before you know it, the porter is beckoning you to follow him as he carries the luggage to your laidback room.

Cool off in Thailand’s first hotel swimming pool where guests drink beer and dangle exotic cigarettes by the verdant tropical garden. And be sure to say hello to the resident terrapins, Archibald and Doris.

When it’s time to sample the hotel’s culinary delights, you’re in for a real treat. The diner-style restaurant has preserved its originality and provides a superb selection of Thai food and beverages accompanied by dreamy music from a bygone era. Even the waitress’ uniforms remain unruffled by the changing times and fashions. [Photos by Josh Burns]

atlanta hotel bangkok
atlanta hotel bangkok
atlanta hotel bangkok

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