In turbulent times like these, it’s so refreshing to witness a movie that puts a lot of it into perspective. I saw Taken last night, and my legs are still shaking! It’s just riveting on every level. Liam Neeson is a tour de Force, but the real brilliance comes from Luc Beeson’s (The Professional, The Fifth Element) spellbinding script. The film deals with the heavy themes of revenge and justice in a very inhumane world. Liam Neeson’s daughter. who is 17 and beautiful, is kidnapped on a innocent trip to Paris and sold into the sex slave trade by Albanians. Ex-CIA agent Neeson embarks on an earth-shattering tirade of violence and revenge to get her back. And the choreography of the action and pursuit he undertakes is astonishing! Simply one of the best films of the year!

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